An Introduction to Second-Wave Millennials


Who Are They?

Born 1995 - 2004, these are the youngest Millennials, raised mostly by Generation X parents. They’re in their teens and early twenties, entering the workforce now. First-Wave Millennials, by contrast, are older and raised mostly by Baby Boomers.

What Are Their Traits?

Second-Wavers are growing up more slowly than their older Millennial counterparts. They are delaying or avoiding sex, drugs, and alcohol. They are moving away from home later and putting off financial independence. They are known to have high levels of stress. Finally, many have not developed the soft skills they need for the workplace.

How Do You Manage Them?

Second-Wavers are rule-followers and excellent students. They thrive in environments where there is a lot of structure and attention around their professional development. For Second-Wavers, coaching is the new managing. Coach them by helping them align their purpose to the company’s purpose and by training them on important skills like critical thinking, professional communication, and self-management. Do that, and you will create a strong bond of loyalty between them and your company.