Start your career with confidence

Second Wave Learning is dedicated to developing the workforce of the future. A workforce that is optimistic, community-oriented, talented, and prepared. That’s you. And we want to be a part of your growth, helping you start your budding career with confidence.

With a program designed specifically for young, aspiring professionals, we teach you the fundamentals for a successful career.

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Slay the Job:
A Program Designed for You

Slay the Job is more than just another career prep course. It’s a program designed specifically for the millennial generation.

Over four weeks, you’ll meet with coaches and other college students and recent graduates to learn about self-awareness, communication, and collaboration in the workplace. You’ll benefit from real-world examples, interactive exercises, and the personal experience of professionals currently in the workforce.

You'll impress employers with your proactive efforts and your refined skills. Plus, you’ll get proof you took the course to put on your resume! 

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Our Team

We are a team of professionals passionate about helping you get where you want to go.