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Second Wave Learning is dedicated to helping you develop the workforce for your future. By providing customizable, in-person onboarding and talent development programs, we help you attract, train, and retain Millennial hires. 


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Second-Wave Millennials: Tapping the Potential of America’s Youth

This book is a must-read for all leaders who want to foster a more productive, rewarding, and harmonious work environment that is good for all generations.
— George Borst, CEO, Toyota Financial Corporation (retired), Board of Trustees, PIMCO

Second-Wave Millennials: Tapping the Potential of America's Youth is now available!

Learn about who Second-Wave Millennials are directly from our founder and CEO, Warren Wright. Find out about their lifestyles and primary traits, and get practical tips on how to craft an ideal workplace for all generations.



A Challenge or an Asset?

Do you buy into the stereotypes of Millennials being lazy, entitled, and unprepared? According to studies, more than 50% of managers from older generations do. But are the stereotypes really true?

In fact, most Millennials are hard workers and are ready to learn.

That’s why it’s important to engage your Millennial hires early and often. They are looking to you as their employers for training in leadership skills like relationship building, effective communication, creative thinking, and conflict resolution. These soft skills not only prepare them for leadership roles in the future, they also help them become more effective workers throughout their careers.

Infographics source - Udemy In Depth: 2018 Millennials at Work Report, Udemy Research

Slay the Job: A Program Designed to Support Your Talent

Our signature program, Slay the Job®, is designed specifically to help you engage and support your Millennial talent.

Skills like professional communication, decision making, problem solving, and self-direction, among others, form the basis of Slay the Job®. We have modules covering these areas and more, and we work with you to customize a program that fits your needs—whether through the onboarding process or ongoing talent development.

We believe that many of these skills are interpersonal and therefore require in-person experience to truly learn. That’s why our Job Slayers will come to you and deliver interactive courses to ensure the greatest impact.

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Our Team

From generational expertise to education and human resources, from computer science to executive leadership, we bring our team’s wide variety of backgrounds to provide you with the strongest and most effective program possible.