Cultivate Multigenerational Success

You want a smooth-running, profitable company where employees of every age thrive. Second Wave Learning is dedicated to helping you get there. By providing customizable, in-person training programs for both new Gen Z hires and Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial managers, we help you cross the generational divide. 

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Generational Diversity: Challenges and Benefits

Combine the new wave of Gen Zers entering the workplace and the rising age of retirement, and you end up with employees who are separated by more than 40 years of age. Each generation brings its own unique gifts to the workplace, but those gifts are often perceived as challenges.

One of our guiding principles to achieve generational inclusion is “meeting people where they are.” Unless you understand the lived experience—life habits, preferences, and values—of an individual, it is difficult to create an effective relationship with them. An engaged workforce has strong bonds and trust between team members.

Our programs are designed to help you achieve your Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in an area often overlooked: generational diversity.

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Programs Designed to Support Your Teams

Our signature programs are designed specifically to help you achieve generational inclusion—with a particular focus on Gen Z retention and integration.

To work together effectively, each generation needs to understand their own strengths and limitations and how the others work. That’s the basis of our programming.

In Slay the Job®, your Gen Z employees learn skills like professional communication, generational and emotional intelligence, and personal branding, among others. Manager 2.0 helps managers understand the importance of mentorship and coaching to the success of their Gen Z teams. With interGen, it all comes together. The generations gather and discover how to bridge the gap.

We believe that much of what’s learned here is interpersonal and therefore requires in-person experience to truly learn. That’s why our facilitators will come to you and deliver interactive courses to ensure the greatest impact.

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Second-Wave Millennials: Tapping the Potential of America’s Youth

This book is a must-read for all leaders who want to foster a more productive, rewarding, and harmonious work environment that is good for all generations.
— George Borst, CEO, Toyota Financial Corporation (retired), Board of Trustees, PIMCO

Second-Wave Millennials: Tapping the Potential of America's Youth is now available!

Learn about who Second-Wave Millennials (aka "Gen Z") are directly from our founder and CEO, Warren Wright. Find out about their lifestyles and primary traits, and get practical tips on how to craft an ideal workplace for all generations.


Warren Wright Speaks on Gen Z and Millennials

"I’ve seen a few presentations on Millennials, and Warren’s was by far the best and created the most takeaways. His presentation was very engaging, funny, and with tons of energy surging back into the audience. He came very highly recommended and certainly delivered for the crowd. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

– Noel Parsons, Michigan SHRM, State Conference Director

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Our Team

From generational expertise to education and human resources, from computer science to executive leadership, we bring our team’s wide variety of backgrounds to provide you with the strongest and most effective program possible.