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Manager 2.0: The Coach

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The Challenge

As employers, you already know that generational differences pose challenges in the workplace. Varying experiences and perspectives mean varying behaviors and needs. Ignoring or dismissing these differences can lead to increased tension, decreased productivity, and retention issues. Nowhere is this clearer than in relationships between Gen Z employees and their older bosses.

At the heart of the challenge is the difficulty managers face in trying to understand what is most important to younger employees and how to align that to your company’s goals.

Business people discuss on tablet computer

The Solution

Manager 2.0 is a customizable program that helps supervisors learn to coach—not just manage—their Gen Z teams. Participants are introduced to The Hierarchy of Millennial Needs, a model that identifies and prioritizes Gen Z’s five fundamental needs: Structure, Feedback, Purpose, Direction, and Care.

Through the program, managers discover:

  • The importance of coaching
  • Their own coaching style and level of emotional intelligence
  • New coaching skills
  • A deeper understanding of their employees

In the end, they learn to be better managers and to help their teams achieve higher levels of productivity and success.

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