Why Second Wave Learning?


We Know the Millennial Generation

Our founder and CEO, Warren Wright, has spent nearly a decade studying the Millennial generation, their impact on the workplace, and how to integrate them most effectively into business environments. Plus, our founders and curriculum development team include Millennials with business and education backgrounds.


We See Millennials as an Asset

Many companies view Millennials as a challenge to work with and a problem to solve. We know that they simply need training and want respect—like every generation before them. Their technical skills, education, and tendency towards empathy actually put them in a great position to be strong employees and future leaders once they’ve received the support they need. And that’s where we can help.


We Come to You

While many training companies are moving to digital modules, we know that interpersonal, leadership, and management skills can only truly be learned in person. Our Job Slayers come to you to work directly with your Millennial hires through interactive and engaging workshops.

We also customize our program to your company and your needs, ensuring that your employees learn the appropriate skills and integrate more effectively with your workforce.