Why Second Wave Learning?

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We Know the Power of Generations at Work

Our founder and CEO, Warren Wright, is a leading authority on Gen Z and workplace engagement. Our team is passionate about creating a culture of generational inclusion for our clients and believes all workplaces deserve the right to thrive.


We’re a Multigenerational Team, Just Like You

Like yours, our team is multigenerational. By combining input and points-of-view from Gen Z, Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers, we’ve developed programming that truly speaks to everyone in your organization. Plus, you have access to experts who can help explain their own generation to you.

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Learn Face-to-Face

While many training companies are moving to digital modules, we know that interpersonal, leadership, and management skills can only truly be learned in person. Our facilitators come to you to work directly with your teams through interactive and engaging workshops.

We also customize our program to your company and your needs, ensuring that your employees learn the appropriate skills and integrate more effectively with your workforce.