Our Slay the Job® program fits right into your onboarding process. We work with you to understand:

  • Your expectations of new employees
  • Your company’s values and culture
  • Your existing onboarding process
  • The best program structure to match your process

Armed with this information and using our educational modules, we develop a program tailored to your company and your employees.

We structure our courses anywhere from a half a day to two full days. During this time, we come into your offices and conduct engaging and interactive classes on relevant skills. With our Job Slayers onsite, your new hires have the opportunity to ask hard questions, experience first-hand the importance of interpersonal skills, and practice those skills in a safe, empowering environment.

With our Slay the Job® program, you can have confidence that your Millennial hires will stay with your company longer and be more productive members of your team.